Fairlines Newsletters and a Buyer's Guide to Cedar Canvas Canoes


The Wooden Canoe Builders' Guild publishes a semi-annual Fairlines Newsletter which is distributed to members. The items in this newsletter are generally written by and for the benefit of Guild members. However, to give non-members a better idea of what the Guild is about, you will find past issues of the Fairlines Newsletter on this page. Click on them to view. We hope that you find these informal Newsletters interesting reading.


Fall 2010 issue of Fairlines

July 2010 issue of Fairlines


A Buyer's Guide to Cedar Canvas Canoes

The WCBG publishes an 8 panel 2 colour brochure entitled "A Buyer's Guide to Cedar Canvas Canoes". As a condition of membership each builder can receive 30 of these brochures per year to give out to people at their shops and shows. It is designed as a source of information for your customers about cedar canvas canoes and explains and promotes the Guild's building standards for that type of canoe. The brochure is presented here in black and white in PDF format.

Click here to view: A Buyer's Guide to Cedar Canvas Canoes